GIGLIO has been growing up for four generations and it keeps moving onward and upward.

It originated between the First and the Second World War as a small fabric shop, which has now become a thriving business.

Nowadays, Giglio is a joint-stock company and counts a hundred employees which work in sales departments, good arrivals, logistics, accounting and administration office, and e-commerce area.

It is a family-run company entirely owned and managed by Giglio family through the most up-to-date business administration techniques and the aid of state-of-the-art technologies.
Totally wired-up and computerized in-house, the company uses the best hardware and software solutions in order to optimize every management and informative process.
Communications inside and outside the company are canalized on VoIP through software operators and a dedicated hardware.
Every shop is computerized to get a real-time overview of the sell-out.

Giglio S.p.A. (joint-stock company) is completely customer-satisfaction-oriented. Indeed, it has always dedicated considerable efforts to the management of customer service and now the firm has a CRM system to offer a high-quality assistance service to customers, to put the client at the heart of the Giglio's philosophy. 0 0