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Balenciaga speed trainer outfits
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Balenciaga speed trainer outfits

02 November 2020

Balenciaga Speed trainer outfits: here’s our style guide to the most-wanted Balenicaga sneakers and how to wear them!

With a modern and ergonomic design, the new Balenciaga Speed, are the investment-sneakers of the season.
Timeless, versatile and super light, but most of all, guaranteed comfort, they are sporty, extremely cool and elegant at the same time thanks to their minimal style.

Balenciaga Speed trainer outfit ideas

How do you combine the Balenciaga sock sneakers that have conquered the heart of every fashion-addict?
We believe that these sneakers go really well with anything and that they are perfect for many occasions: they could be, for example, the right easy-formal shoes to wear if you need allies during your daily grind, but they are also perfect with your new coordinated sweatshirt and jeans, even better if cropped.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these casual looks with the Balenciaga Speed sneakers!

Balenciaga speed trainer outfits - Women

For a feminine but dynamic outfit, wear the Balenciaga Speed Trainers (even better if in black with the contrasting white sole) with a loose fitting jacket-pants outfit.

For a streetwear style, instead, wear them with cropped jeans, a soft sweater (or even with a hoody) and a mannish cut coat.

Balenciaga speed trainer outfits - Kids

The Balenciaga speed trainers are also available for kids: did you already know this?
Here are our style tips designed for the very little ones for an adorable and fashionable look!

Match them with casual-chic items and finish off the look with eye-catching accessories.

Or consider a sporty style thanks to the urban style items.

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