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Diadora Heritage   Laces to Places: TXS Launch Event
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Diadora Heritage Laces to Places: TXS Launch Event

12 April 2019

Diadora chooses Giglio Boutique for the launch event of the new Diadora Heritage N9000 TXS.
Don't worry if you weren't there, we will tell you about the event.
A TXS themed wall, music, influencers, gadgets, great food, bubbles, and so many photos.

A young and sparkling event, like this exclusive and revolutionary chunky model.

As from last year, the "ugly" sneakers were the fully-fledged it-shoes, and all the celebrities and fashion insiders have at least a pair of them.
Genderless and versatile, they match with a pair of jeans, but also with skirts and maxi dresses.

However, Diadora Heritage has issued a challenge renewing one of its historical models in a trendy and unisex version made with premium materials.
The main feature? The trekking-inspired contrasted laces with the innovative lacing system - mainly designed for tennis - make these sneakers unique and bold by giving the best performance concerning control and stability.

A great success that heralds a sold out. Will they be the must-have sneakers of the season? Shop them - now - to believe!

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