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How to dress for a job interview?
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How to dress for a job interview?

02 September 2018

How to dress for a job interview is a very important decision.
If you are a professional, with expertise, or a girl who enters the working world for the first time, what matters is the first impression that it's up to you and must be absolutely positive.

To be successful and make a good impression you need to be prepared: it's clear that every company has its rules and its dress code (and it could change depending on the job position).
A business attire will be perfect for a formal context - we have already revealed the business attire secrets for men! - whereas, for a young, dynamic and informal context you will need a business casual or a smart casual look.

What should I wear to a job interview to make a good impression?

A suit composed by jacket-pants or jacket-skirt/longuette dress with a shirt and low hells is always a classy option for every occasion, both for a stage and a real job. Elegance is a great business card that never goes unnoticed (not just when it comes to job interviews).
Among the fashion tips about how to best deal with the first informational interview (in person or on Skype) what matters is wearing what makes you feel comfortable, above all if it is your first experience and you are nervous.
Follow our style guide for women about what to wear to work and pay attention to the absolute "NO" such as too showy accessories and colors (no to sneakers and jeans if it isn't a smart casual context).
Avoid too banal and sloppy pieces: try to transmit your personality through clothes according to the working environment.

What to wear to a job interview in the summer?

During cold seasons you will need a suit or a dress with a nice outerwear. Actually, during summer is not so easy to choose the perfect outfit.
Let yourself get inspired by the context.
If it is a formal context you will need a jacket with a light shirt, use neutral colors and forget sandals and deep necklines.
If the context is informal, as in the case of business casual look, avoid to show too much your shoulders, so choose blouses and shirts.
When it comes to shoes, you have more options for informal contexts - for formal ones you will need kitten heels - but absolutely avoid sneakers and sandals.
Even if the context is smart casual try not to dare: details will show your creativity by transmitting rigour and punctuality, really necessary in a working environment.

The key piece? Obviously the bag!

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