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How to dress for your body type?
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How to dress for your body type?

17 April 2018

How to dress for your body type?

Not only for important occasions but also in everyday life, what we want is to feel beautiful.
The first step to feel - physically - good about yourself is to learn about your body through your weaknesses, but above all through your strengths.
Actually, you need to enhance your strengths to focus the attention on your virtues and hide your weaknesses.

How to dress to enhance your body?
You need to know what to wear and how to combine colors through the use of clothes, shoes and accessories (leaving aside women's fashion to be able to understand what looks good on you and what not according to the seasons).
However, we can't talk about useful tips without facing a very important topic: the body shapes.

Which is your body shape?

1. Hourglass:
Those who have this body shape have breathtaking curves.
Shoulders and hips have the same width, whereas the waist is very thin.
It is the hottest body shape par excellence: just think about some divas like Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot.

2. Pear/triangle: Those who have this type of figure have the upper part less pronounced than the lower one.
Hips and backside are bigger so you need to minimize them, for example, thanks to dark colors.
One of the tips to enhance your figure if you are curvy is to focus the attention on the upper part.

3. Apple:
Those who have this type of body shape have pronounced shoulders, waist and hips and thinner legs.
The chest is large, the waist is not very pronounced and usually, they have muffin tops (that is the problem number 1 above all for those who are curvy and are looking for a way to enhance a busty and curvy body).

4. Rectangle:
Those who have a rectangle body shape have a slender and balanced body and not very curvy.
It is usually associated with the models. No problem if you are short and thin, there are some tips to look taller!

5. Inverted triangle:
Those who have this type of body shape present pronounced shoulders and chest in contrast to waist and hips.
Usually, this is a figure of a sporty person.

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