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Intense, Vibrant, Spiritual   Blue: S/S 2015 fashion colour

Intense, Vibrant, Spiritual Blue: S/S 2015 fashion colour

From Yves Klein to Morocco, from the blue navy to the persian blue: all blue shades.13 March 2015

The blue is one of the trending colour for the spring/summer 2015. It was loved by Egyptians since it was regarded as the colour of goddesses. Today it represents the sky, the sea and the night, so it is a symbol of transformation and rebirth.
And this spring/summer it will be declined in a great range of nuances: from the ultramarine to the bright and vibrant blue, from the denim to the navy blue, and from the spiritual blue of Tuareg where people live in the desert, until the deep persian blue.

Discover all this beautiful blue shades on our clothes and accessories:

1) The wonderful savoia blue of the leather bag with shoulder strap by Fendi.

2) The royal blue of the short sleeves dress for baby girls, again by Fendi.

3) The dark blue of the leather flatshoes with bow designed by Salvatore Ferragamo.

4) The bright blue of the classy dress in jersey with a deep neckline on the back, by Roberto Cavalli.

5) The marine blue of the nylon windbreaker for women, by Fay.

6) The ultramarine blue of the plain knit sweatshirt with crew neck collar, designed by Ermenegildo Zegna.

7) The night blue of the short cotton and lace skirt for little girls, by Polo Ralph Lauren.

8) And finally the navy blue of the piqué polo shirt for men, with short sleeves by Polo Ralfh Lauren as well.

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