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22 January 2014

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Hi Toni, tell us a little bit about yourself (who you are/what you do/where you’re from, etc.).

I’m Toni and my blog is called Fashion your Seatbelts. I grew up in Devon, in England, but am currently living in the city of Southampton working part-time at a vintage store in Winchester called Charming Magpies and also just finishing a degree in Writing, Fashion and Culture!

How would you define your style?

I think my style is quite minimal in a way, (I don’t often do patterns and have only just added floral to my wardrobe for summer), and it’s also a bit androgynous. I like to wear shirts and blouses buttoned up to the neck and don’t ever wear anything with a low cut neckline…I feel so bare! I also mix vintage with high street a lot.

How did you find your sense of style?

To be honest with you I don’t think I’ve fully found it yet! I still have a lot to learn about myself and my style! Soon to be a fashion graduate, life feels a little hectic and uncertain at the moment…and I think my wardrobe currently reflects this. When I find myself in a city I’m happy in, that’s when I think my true signature style will finally blossom! I hope it’s soon!

What inspired you to start a style blog? What motivates you to keep blogging?

I started Fashion your Seatbelts as a way to share my passions with other like-minded people, and it is those like-minded people, who respond positively to my posts, that keep me blogging!

How did you choose the name of your blog?

It’s actually the name of a song by one of my all time favourite bands!

What was the best comment you ever received from a reader?

Oh that’s tricky! I like comments where you can tell that the person has actually bothered to read through your posts properly and has liked/agreed with what you have to say. It feels wonderful to receive positive comments – getting them is definitely one of my favourite things about blogging!

Who/what inspires you?

Photographers like Tim Walker, directors like Tim Burton or Guillermo Del Toro and supermodels.

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

Probably my slouchy vintage jumpers and cardigans! I also have a pair of glittery brogues from Topshop which are beeeautiful!

What is your top fashion tip?

Always create a strong silhouette – so wear a waist belt to enhance your feminine curves or wear a really baggy t-shirt/blouse or blazer with really skinny jeans or leggings to make your legs look super slim!

What advice do you have for new bloggers or people considering starting a blog?

Be yourself!

Your first thought in the morning?


What is your favourite thing to do when not blogging?

Being on a photoshoot, I don’t even care what my job role is on the shoot I just love the atmosphere!

For you, what is the world’s most fashionable city?

London or Brighton! But I’m sure there are many even more eccentric, inspiring cities out there. Hopefully I’ll get to see them all!

What message do you hope to send to your readers?

You don’t have to be perfect and privileged to get where you want in life…you just need passion and drive!

Do you find Toni’s style inspiring? Let us know in the comments!
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