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22 January 2014

In this series, we’ve been interviewing some of our favorite fashion bloggers around the world, today our featured blogger is Ellie of It Style Blog from Argentina.

Ellie, tell us a little bit about yourself (who you are/what you do/where you’re from, etc.).
Im a fashion blogger from Argentina. Actually im studying Journalism and write some fashion articles for sites related.

How would you define your style?
Its so hard because im changing my style everytime. I think that is so minimal with a little rocker touch. Really love tailoring style!

How did you find your sense of style?
Fashion is for fun to me. You can exprese yopur feelings, you personality and be yourself. I found my sense of style naturally, and choosing the thing that make me feel so confortable and chic at the same time.

What inspired you to start a style blog? What motivates you to keep blogging?
I started to know fashion blogs through magazines and, in my country didn’t exist fashion blogs about streetstyle yet. So i decided create one to exprese me and share my vision about fashion world.

How did you choose the name of your blog?
I wanted that would be related to the last trend so “It Style” was born hahahah. My posts generally made reference to trends but always wearing it in my personal style. This is the reason for i choosed this name to my blog.

What was the best comment you ever received from a reader?
A girl once told me that thanks to the blog are encouraged to set aside prejudice and allows more experiment with clothes. She realized that fashion is not just what’s on the catwalks but also what he sees on the street every day and could overcome somecomplex than worried.

Who/what inspires you?
Streets inspire me so so much and more that celebrities i think. The streets have all that we need to get inspiration: Shapes and colors, rutine, differents styles, people.

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?
I loved my Moschino Red Wall Belt, this is one of my favorite vintage finds. I bought them in a Vintage store from Buenos Aires for absoluty BANANAS! High fashion in low cost is the best!

What is your top fashion tip?
Be yourself. Trend no matters if you don’t give your special touch and personality to your style.
What advice do you have for new bloggers or people considering starting a blog? You can do it!!!. Fashion blogger’s World at times can seem a little bit hard but if you had “the right reason” and you love fashion really you can enjoy it.

What importance do social networks have for you?
It means everything to me. Its a great channel to expresse me. It allows me to create new friendships on a daily basis with bloggers from another countries. It is a media that is increasingly more important.

Your first thought in the morning?
What i should wear!? :)

What is your favourite thing to do when not blogging?
I love take photos and see movies. Im really obsessed with Woody Allen films.

For you, what is the world’s most fashionable city?
Parissss of course!

How would you describe fashion in the city where you live?
Buenos Aires is a city that blends perfectly routine, rapid urban and ancient architecture. You can sitting in a starbucks whileworking see buildings with more than 200 years old that are part of own history. It is part of the charm of my city and I try to reflect on each photograph. The people in Buenos Aires have a “European style” often, is a little shy to wear full colors and look different to the rest. Im always say WHATEVER! Wear all that you love, don’t be afraid.

What message do you hope to send to your readers?
They do not need a perfect body to see you nice and cool.

Do you find Ellie’s style inspiring? Let us know in the comments!



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