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How to dress a pear shaped body and look good?
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How to dress a pear shaped body and look good?

16 April 2018

How to dress a pear shaped body and look fabulous?
Among the characteristics of those who have a pear shaped body or a triangle body shape, the most obvious is that shoulders are tighter than hips.
Due to this disproportion, choosing the right size is very difficult, and in some cases (such as for swimwear) it will be necessary to shop different sizes.
You know the body shapes and you know that the first step - the fundamental one - is to learn how to dress well.
The second one is to learn how to match colors and choose them according to your skin tone.

How to enhance a triangle body shape?

Don't worry, dressing well if you have large hips - even if you are curvy - is possible: celebs like Kim Kardashian, JLo, Beyoncé and Shakira prove it given that they are considered the hottest women in the world.
The secret is trying to balance your figure enhancing your strengths in order to hide your weaknesses.
In this case, your strength is to have a thin waist, so enhance it to create the perfect curves of an hourglass body shape.

How to dress well if you have a pear shaped body?

Here are our fashion tips concerning feminine clothes to know what to wear to be perfect on every occasion: form everyday life to the special occasions like a wedding!

1. Try to enhance your waist.

2. If you are busty, enhance your breast with V-necklines but avoid to create volume with jewels, applications or rouches.

3. If you are small-breasted women try to re-establish the proportions between the upper and the lower part of your body with boat, sweetheart and plunging necklines which create volume in the upper part (for example with rouches and frills), choose soft pieces down your hips to minimize your behind and your thighs. Use also colors: bright ones in the upper part and dark ones in the lower part.

4. Choose long or flared sleeves and avoid too long or too short shirts. A categorical no to crop tops that show off belly and hips!

5. Avoid too tight and low-waisted pants with applications on hips and behind: choose high-waisted pants that enhance your waist.

6. Jackets and blazers, or kimonos, will be perfect to enhance your shoulders and to minimize your hips.

7. Choose long or mini flared or rounded skirts, better the high-waisted ones.

8. The same rule applies to dresses that underline your waist and enhance the upper part of your body.

9. Heels also, as always (above all if you want to look taller), play a fundamental role: choose the pointed models with a stiletto heel to enhance your figure!

10. When it comes to swimwear the same rules apply. For bikinis choose colorful upper pieces with applications, rouches, bandeau or triangular but padded. Choose high-waisted and plain color lower parts. Prefer one-piece swimsuits with front applications or with a belt that enhance your waist. Choose a bit high cut swimsuits to optically extend your legs, and avoid trikinis!

The same tips are for those who have a curvy body: avoid to add volume and to focus the attention on your hips with pinces or applications. No to oversized pieces that add volume to your body.

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