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Smart Casual Attire for Men
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Smart Casual Attire for Men

23 April 2020

What is smart casual attire for men?
Let's start with the basics: by this, we mean a casual yet refined way of dressing.
It's comfortable but it's not too sporty and it's perfect for many contexts: from the office – and in this case, we talk about casual business – to party, from a job interview to a dinner or a lunch at the restaurant. Actually, we are talking about a way of dressing that, thanks to its versatility, has become the favorite style of most men to be elegant yet easy-going from morning to night apart from trends and those events that require a formal dress code.
Besides, dressing smart casual is not difficult at all: all you have to do is always draw on the basic items of men’s casual wardrobe, combining them with elegant items, which are normally considered more formal.
So, for example, taking as reference the business attire, we could avoid wearing a tie, and replace the tailored trousers with jeans (with a homogeneous pattern) or casual gabardine trousers ... et voilà! There you have it.
Simple, isn't it? Let's see together some outfit ideas to try to enter the mood.

Men's Smart Casual Outfits: Spring/Summer

Let’s start from the premise that men's smart casual style does not have real rules but it is simply a matter of knowing how to master this delicate "balance" between casual and formal style.
If you are wondering what to wear in summer, for example, you could wear one of your formal clothes with a t-shirt (strictly basic) and sneakers. Furthermore, another smart summer casual look could be basic polo + trousers + loafers as long as the polo shirt is worn inside the trousers with a belt. Yes also to white trousers, patterned shirts – over the last years, men's fashion has also given the green light to shirts in contrast with eye-catching patterns – and blazers in fresh fabrics to be worn as a separate piece.

Men's Smart Casual Outfits: Fall/Winter

For the cooler seasons, instead, you can wear under the vest of your suit – that can still be a separate piece – turtleneck or crew neck sweaters. In this last case, it is up to you to choose to wear also a shirt or not. We suggest you avoid wearing a shirt with V-neck sweaters under the vest since this combination may not be harmonious.
No to jackets, which are suitable for a more casual outfit than a smart one. Instead, go for outerwear such as coats, trench coats, and raincoats.

Many of you also ask us what are the right shoes to round off a men's smart casual outfits: both lace-up shoes - derby, oxford and monk - loafers, chukka boots, and basic tennis sneakers in subtle colors will be fine. Avoid glossy finishes and too classic models.

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