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High-Heeled Shoes? Better The Wedge Heels!

High-Heeled Shoes? Better The Wedge Heels!

From the 30's until nowadays: the timeless shoes.11 August 2015

From 1938 to the present, wedge shoes have gone through centuries and styles.
The designer who introduced wedge heels in the world of fashion was the Florentine Salvatore Ferragamo, who just in 1938 created a model of cork covered with coloured suede, for the actress Judy Garland, that today are on display at the Ferragamo Museum, at the Spini Feroni Palace in Florence.
Since then the most diffused material used to produce them is the cork: practical and economical, it still exists today, with the new variations in rope, rattan, leather or suede. Brigitte Bardot made them popular showing them off during the 60's. They came back in fashion in the 70's when fashion and music became the same thing, and the wedge heels became part of the world of music at the feet of artists such as The Bee Gees, David Bowie, Cher, Donna Summer and The Kiss .
And how not to remember the Space Girls' outfits in the 90's: wedge shoes were always the key item for their spatial looks.
So, as hitory has taught us, wedge shoes are perfect for any look: glam, rock, pop and bon-ton.

And what wedge shoes woul you prefer?

Here you are our best picks:

1)The rope-soled wedge heels with laminated bands by Hogan.

2)The rattan wedge heels, Marlene model, designed by Salvatore Ferragamo.

3)The suede and rope wedge heels by Sergio Rossi.

4)The wedge heels in laser leather and rattan by Alberto Guardiani.

5)The high-top sneakers with wedge heels in suede by Casadei.

6)In cork, the wedge heels with slingbacks by Armani Jeans.

7)The suede wedge heels with slingbacks and rhinestones by Paciotti4US.

8)The rattan wedge heeled sandals, "Lena"model, with rhinestones by Guardiani Sport.

9)The leather sandals with wedge heels and rhinestones by John Richmond.

10)The glitter wedge heels with track contrasting sole by Leo.

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