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T.shirt mania   Check out your own look
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T.shirt mania Check out your own look

From eighties to today, timeless and must-have18 April 2014

Prints, strong messages, animal prints, rock style to the timeless t-shirt.

Their origin dates back to the Etruscans, but not to go too far away, were the eighties who imposed the t-shirt as a clothes creative and communicative vehicle through pictures and messages.

The message showed through the t-shirt took on many different forms and meanings: ironic, advertising, politicians.

All seasons have their t-shirt, the summer is the season that men have the green light to wear them as they want.

With jeans for a denim look, or with shorts and boots and a sweater for a grunge look and also under jacket, cigarette pants and lace-up shoes for a look dandy.

Check out the t-shirts and create your own look.

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