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Types of lace
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Types of lace

26 August 2019

Do you already know how many types of lace are there?

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Romantic and elegant, lace is one of the most loved fabrics ever. However, not many know that lace isn't a fabric, actually, it is a precious embroidery - made on a fabric - that can be processed industrially or artisanally according to the method of production.
Among the most popular laces that you probably know, there are San Gallo, Macramè, and Chantilly lace.

If you want to learn more about this ancient and charming art, we have set up a buying guide about different types of lace!


This category includes:
- Leavers lace: considered one of the finest laces in the world, born in 1800 in Leavers, England, became famous in France as well, precisely in Calais, named as the country of lace. It is also used to make luxury lingerie with a unique style.
- Chantilly lace: just as important, it is a valuable and elegant French silk lace. Not by chance, it is used to make wedding and ceremony dresses. Moreover, if you are a special wedding guest, Chantilly lace is the right choice if you want to get a perfect wedding guest look!
- Valencienne lace: it is another type of French lace, also used in Haute Couture. Once it was made with a bobbin, nowadays it is still a precious lace, but it is done by machine.
- Rebrodè lace: very valuable as well, it stands out for being in relief and corded.
- Jacquard lace: it is a simpler lace with a basic pattern.


(We want to point out that nowadays, apart from Haute Couture and real craftsmanship, these types of lace are industrially produced)

- Macramè: it is totally hand-made lace by using particular knotting techniques.
- Sangallo: it is a hand-made embroidery with geometrical or floral patterns run on natural fabrics like linen or cotton. That's why Sangallo lace is used to create casual chic and holiday summer items, not just for girls/women, but also for little girls.
- Crochet: handcrafted lace made with a hook.

If you are wondering what is the most precious lace among these, actually, there is not a single answer. Leavers, Chantilly, Valencienne and Rebrodè, for example, can be considered the most valuable concerning their processing than the Jacquard one. Moreover, if they are entirely handcrafted, they could be of inestimable value.


Matching lace is not so easy: indeed, some of them are very alluring, so you need to pay attention in order to avoid resulting too provocative or even vulgar. It is totally forbidden when it comes to what to wear at the office, where the business attire is not required, but your outfit has to be discreet anyway. Now, let's talk about lace starting from some topics!


If it concerns a top you could match it with mom fit jeans, western belt, and an oversized and soft cardigan. Or even with a basic white t-shirt and a denim skirt with ripped details and Texan boots.

Indeed, if you want to wear a black lace bodysuit, match it with a sexy longuette skirt to impress your date (for example, for Valentine's dinner!), or with a pair of pants and a tone-on-tone blazer. It is a sure hit!

How to match a lace skirt? To get a casual-chic look, choose a lace pencil skirt with a soft sweater and heels!


White lace is considered more versatile than the others, and above all perfect for summer and casual outfits. That's why matching white lace is easy. Charming, but less challenging, it is a go-to item for all your holiday outfits (above all when it comes to jumpsuits and dresses)!


Everything depends on the situation: if it is elegant, choose a coat (a robe de chambre model for example), if it is informal and easy-going, choose a denim or leather jacket. This is the right choice if you want to dress down a lace dress.
In this case, sneakers, ankle and hight-boots are perfect as well.


There is no doubt about what to match with lace pants: make them very romantic with a top or a ruffled t-shirt or shirt.

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