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What is your favorite hat?
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What is your favorite hat?

A masterpiece to always keep in the closet10 June 2014

Dear men, for a perfect outfit, matching hat is an important card to play.

The hat is used by men since ancient times. From now on in addition to its protective function has assumed a role of prestige, authority, social position: Pharaohs, Maharajà, Maya kings, Roman emperors, popes and kings of all nations and all ages have worn a hat and the hat is become their hallmark.

Today, it is an accessory emblematic a faithful companion for every season.

A masterpiece to always keep in the closet. It also seems that the hat makes it seem higher.

But how to choose the right one?

Our very personal advice:

Baseball Hat | NO 80's dabdy style, YES Magnum PI’s style with t-shirts and shorts

Panama| YES in flip flops and linen trousers

Coppola | NO in a suit and tie, YES shorts and polo shirts

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