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Valentine's Day Gifts for women

Valentine's Day Gifts for women

03 February 2020

Are you looking for Valentine's Day Gifts for women to literally leave her breathless?
If you are wondering about to give to your loved one a magic and unforgettable 14th of February, follow closely our guide dedicated to the gift ideas for her: we have decided to reveal the tricks up our sleeve and turn you into Nick Marshall for a day!

Valentine's Day Gifts for women: Jewels

Jewels and bijoux are always in the first place when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for her.
Which one to choose? Get inspired by our elegant and sporty edit!

What do women want? Dreaming, of course.
The Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends can inspire you a lot in choosing the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife or partner, but thanks to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, it will be a great deal easier to find everything you need to prepare a surprise with all the trimmings for her!
If the most appreciated Valentine’s day gift ideas for men have, indeed, to be especially smart, at the top of the wishlist of every woman and girl there are bags, shoes, accessories and trendy dresses (especially if they are passionate about fashion).

Valentine's Day Gifts for women: Bags

Is your woman addicted to bags? Get inspired by the Bags Trends Spring Summer 2020 and by the cult bags of the season in red version, carefully selected by our editors for you.

Valentine's Day Gifts for women: Wallets and Cardholders

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts: maybe a bit predictable, but it is undoubtedly useful and timeless.

Valentine's Day Gifts for women: Fashion accessories

From the hi-tech accessories to the trendy ones that cannot be missed in the wardrobe of a real fashionist.

Don't be predictable by limiting yourselves to purchase designer gifts for her: instead, give her all those attentions that will make your gift even more romantic and original, by also thinking about extra surprises to astonish her and show her all your love.
It is true that people who love each other prove it every day, but Valentine’s Day is nevertheless a good opportunity to celebrate together the little goals of a couple.
An idea? Take her to a night date to her favorite restaurant and arrange it with the maître ahead of time by giving him some “special” instructions: for example, how to present the dishes (maybe theme-based), or how to set the table. Women love being spoiled with exclusive treatment!
Or, even better, if you are a good cook, bake her favorite food on your own and create a fairy-tale atmosphere at home.
A simple idea is to inflate some heart-shaped balloons with helium and to tie each of them up with a ribbon to finally set them free in the room where you will set up the table for a candlelight dinner. All the balloons will fly up to the roof creating the perfect setting for this event. The best of romance? Bind to each ribbon a card in which you will write some feelings, or, even better, one of the reasons why you love her. A different reason for each balloon. Tears granted!

Still using the idea of balloons, you may put them inside a very big box (like the ones you use for packaging, to be clear) together with your gift. If it is light, you may even tie it to one (or more) of them. Think about her amazement when she opens the box and all the balloons will fly upwards! ;-)

Speaking of flowers, instead, on Valentine’s Day roses are to be gifted. A legend regarding St Valentine has it that he reconciled two lovers by giving them a rose and asking them to hold it in their hands. Roses are always to be gifted by the uneven dozen (which means “stay with me”), or, if you wish to leave her speechless, by multiples of 50. If you are gifting many roses, you may also ask your trusting florist to create, in the middle of the bouquet, a heart made of contrasting roses: among the preferable colors are white, pink, and, of course, red.

Do you still want more? Paris, the city of love, may be the perfect framework for your gift: take advantage of several offers, especially on flights, hotels, to arrange a little dream journey!

Furthermore, during the days before Valentine’s Day, you will be able to easily find sweets and chocolates gift boxes, but also heart-shaped ones to fill with the top Valentine's Day gifts for women.
Our last suggestion is a touch of style: women always watch you, you already know that! Do not neglect your look and focus on Valentine’s Day outfit for men that will make you look irresistibly handsome.

The Valentine's Day Gifts for women that will make her jump for joy? Get yourself ready for the long-awaited date.
We think that these very gifts are on top of her wishlist!

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