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Women's Christmas Outfit Ideas
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Women's Christmas Outfit Ideas

02 December 2019

A special day deserves a special outfit: what are the women's Christmas Outfit Ideas to be perfect?

Let yourself get inspired by the magical Christmas atmosphere, by lunches and dinners with family and friends, by the beautiful table settings and the Christmas tree with colorful lights, and Michael Bublé background music...
We have a style guide for you to know all about the perfect Christmas look!

A few tips before starting with the ideas about what to wear for Christmas Eve in different situations.

Waiting for Christmas Eve to exchange greetings and gifts (have you already seen our gift guides for her and for him?), to celebrate Christmas or St. Stephen's day, our tip is to wear something special.
Another secret is to never neglect the rules to dress well according to your body-shape: trust us, you will succeed!

Lady of the house or guest, or if you have planned a journey and you are looking for clothing and accessories to pack, here are our Christmas outfit ideas for women.


For a Christmas lunch or dinner at the restaurant choose something elegant.
A pair of pumps, a jewel bag, and a longuette dress will be perfect to be glamorous but not too sexy.


A red or white dress is perfect to be elegant (and it is also among our fashion tips for New Year's Eve).
If you will be at home with your family or friends, and you want to be comfy and romantic, choose a Christmas sweater, warm and soft, also from his wardrobe. Braided or with a jacquard pattern, it will be perfect for casual occasions (and not just for girls)!


The perfect outfit for a working dinner with your workmates is sober but always on-trend.
Kitten heels or lace-up shoes will be the perfect choice for a party context but still professional.

If you will spend your holidays in a European Capital or in the mountains, discover our style guide about what to wear in Paris, London, New York, and Cortina!

Get inspired by our edit of Christmas pieces and accessories by the best international fashion brands.

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