Shipping rates

The standard shipping, 4-6 working days, is free everywhere in Italy, the Republic of San Marino and Vatican City.
The fast shipping, 2-3 working days, costs €9,99.

All the shipments are covered against damage or loss. This service is free for all clients and for any destination (see details).

Shipments are traceable.
At the time of shipping, the client receives the tracking number, in order to follow the progression of the shipment, 24 hours a day, on the courier’s website.


We have selected two fast shipping couriers that we choose according to the destination of the order, to ensure the best service.
In some cases, the two couriers may entrust the delivery to SDA, according to the destination address.
You can rely on for any questions.

Minimum order amount

To make a purchase on it is required a minimum order amount of € 50 euros. Only in case of shipping to the United States, it is required a minimum order amount of 100$.

The standard shipping is free also for the USA and EU Countries (except for Cyprus, Malta, and some European destinations for which it is required a contribution for shipments whose amount is lower than € 500,00).

Details on costs and delivery time, for Italy and all foreign Countries.

Frequently asked questions about shipments.

We can not ship an order to an address that is different from that provided one in the billing address (Ex: an order can be shipped to Milan even if it is carried out from a client resident in Rome, but it can not be shipped to Paris if the billing address of the client is in Berlin).
Finally, we can not deliver to post office boxes, personal mailboxes, Army Post Office or Fleet Post Office.
For any further information on this point, please contact us.

Delivery time and costs


Free standard shipping*GRATIS*DDP8-9 business days
Fast shipping*€ 50,00*DDP4-6 business days

Worldwide shipping

Up to € 499,99Fast shipping*€ 50,00*DDU4-6 business days
From € 500,00Free standard shipping*GRATIS*DDU8-9 business days
From € 500,00Fast shipping*€ 50,00*DDU4-6 business days

Europe Extra EU

Up to € 499,99Fast shipping€ 21,50DDU4-6 business days
From € 500,00Free standard shippingGRATISDDU8-9 business days
From € 500,00Fast shipping€ 21,50DDU4-6 business days

Europe EU

Free standard shippingGRATISDDP8-9 business days
Fast shipping€ 26,23DDP4-6 business days

Italy (including the Republic of San Marino and Vatican City)

Free standard shippingGRATISDDP4-6 business days
Fast shipping€ 9,99DDP2-3 business days

* Free shipping worldwide for orders higher than € 500,00.

(1) DDP (Delivery Duty Paid): is responsible for customs clearing and for tax and duty payments.
(2) DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid): the client is responsible for customs clearing and for tax and duty payments.

If your order contains shoes, remember that: for orders whose amount is higher than € 500,00 – and contains more than two pairs of shoes – it is required an additional cost of € 25,00 for each pair of shoes, starting from the third pair of shoes purchased.

If you have any questions about international shipping, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions about shipments

Order insurance

All the shipments are covered against damage or loss.
The insurance is free and will value until delivery to the address indicated by the client.
Therefore, in order to provide the service, you are responsible to pick up the order.
We suggest you plan it in time and eventually to make contact with our Customer Care if you can not pick up the order.

Possible delays

In rare cases, it is possible that the shipping of the order is delayed because of the payment processing.
For example, in case of the payment authorization by the respective credit cards (or PayPal) is delayed.
Or if the credit of the bank transfer is delayed with respect to two working days.
The orders are dispatched to the courier for the shipping in chronological order, according to the receipt of payment.
The “fast shipping” orders are always handled with priority compared to the “standard shipping” orders.
In weekdays (from Monday to Friday), orders are dispatched within 72 hours from the moment they are placed.
On Saturdays and Sundays, and in the other public holidays, couriers do not deliver.
Moreover, in the following periods of the year, because of very busy days, the order processing may delay up to 6/7 days.

In these cases, we guarantee our assistance for any doubt or question:
January 1 and 6
Easter and Easter Monday
April 25
May 1
June 2
August 15
November 1
December 8, 25 and 26
Black Friday, special offers, etc...

Tampered boxes

If you receive a tampered box, we suggest you accept the box “with reservation” (that is your right) or refuse it.
If any of these conditions are met, contact us as soon as possible: we will need some information useful to denounce what happened to the referential courier.


In case of non-delivery orders because the address or the telephone number are incorrect or absent, the package risks being sent back to Italy at the Client’s expense including any import/clearance fees in which may incur for the return of good/s to Italy. These fees will be deducted from any eventual reimbursement.

If you have any questions on this point, please contact our customer care.

Details for shipments to Russia and extra EU Countries

  • Shipments to Russia can be managed with the local courier EMS – only in case it concerns remote areas not reachable by other couriers;
  • Every order has an invoice indicating the price paid.
    This is valid for all extra EU Countries and, by law, it is not possible to declare lower values or the items as gifts;
  • Custom costs (duties, taxes): shipping costs could be at the sender ( or recipient expense – according to the destination country.
    In case they are at the recipient expense, the extra EU Countries are not subject to VAT, but are subject to any eventual local tax and import/clearance duties. 0 0
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