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Baby Cool   Must Have Clothing
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Baby Cool Must Have Clothing

Useful tips to create a fashion baby's wardrobe30 abril 2014

For clothes for everyday use, the key words are easy and comfort.

Clothes that allow your child to be able to move easily and can be washed often.

If the birth is scheduled for the spring, here is a list of what you should not miss in the closet of your little one.

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Tracksuit: (5 to 7) useful for sleep or play and quite affordable. Boy - Girl

T-shirts: (4 to 7) with many buttons to be removed easily. Great t-shirts with the buttons on the back. Boy - Girl

Body: (7 to 11) in warm cotton or cotton, depending on the season. Boy - Girl

Bibs: more is better. Boy - Girl

Pijamas: do not worry about the length, but avoid those that require effort to be removed. Boy - Girl

Don't forget a beautiful swimsuit. Boy - Girl

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