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Meet the Fashion Bloggers Fashion Crazy Ball

22 enero 2014

Today we meet Miriam, the italian blogger of Fashion Crazy Ball.

Miriam, tell us a little bit about yourself (who you are/what you do/where you’re from, etc.).
Hello to everybody, I’m Miriam Vella, I’m a girl of 24 years old who lives in the beautiful southern tip of Sicily, in a small country in the province of Siracuse. Finished Science High School, I enrolled at university, but for some years I working in the reception of my boyfriend.

How would you define your style?
I don’t give a definition to my style because it comes every day from my sense of humor, except for special occasions. Mine is a true alternation of style, and it’s from that which is born “Fashion Crazy Ball”

How did you find your sense of style?
Considering fashion a true art form and a means through which to express their personality.

What inspired you to start a style blog? What motivates you to keep blogging?
Being a girl who likes fashion, I wanted to share my passion with others, so I decided to open my own personal fashion blog, a sort of virtual diary where I tell of my world travels, and I propose my outfit giving free rein to my creativity in style. I love to share my opinion of fashion, the way a dress, and I’m pleased to receive opinions and advice from other people.

How did you choose the name of your blog?
I decided to call it “ Fashion Crazy Ball “ because I too, as the rubber ball, rebound from one style to another or from one topic to another.

What was the best comment you ever received from a reader?
In addition to the sympathy that I send with my smile, that of a girl who says that my spontaneity gives balance to my photos.

Who/what inspires you?
I’m a very curious person, and I’m very careful to observe everything that happens around me. So I can draw inspiration from an unknown person passion in the street, as a film, from a trip, of a magazine article, or by another fashion blogger. In summary… my sources of inspiration are endless.

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?
I love all my clothes, otherwise I would have never bought. But lately my preference is given to a pair of black decolettè with stars of Aldo Shoes…Fabulous !!!

What is your top fashion tip?
To reflect and properly evaluate all aspects before you buy something, does not wear a dress or a accessory just because it’s fashionable, but try to define the style of your look.

What advice do you have for new bloggers or people considering starting a blog?
To be constant and be patient, because the time will give its fruits. As the old proverb says “ World is of those who have patiently “.

What importance do social networks have for you?
Social network are the fastest means of communication, are essential because they allow us to communicate and be heard in real time anywhere in the world. I consider them a way to be closer and in touch with my follower.

Your first thought in the morning?

Hey… is time to go! I begins again.

What is your favourite thing to do when not blogging?
I work.

For you, what is the world’s most fashionable city?
New York…of course!

What message do you hope to send to your readers?
To understand that fashion isn’t only a trend, but also a passion to be treated with common sense.

Do you find Miriam’s style inspiring? Let us know in the comments!
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