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Meet the Fashion Bloggers Grease and Glamour

23 enero 2014
Happy monday! Today we meet Jinna of Grease and Glamour.

Hi Jinna, tell us a little bit about yourself (who you are/what you do/where you’re from, etc.).

I’m Jinna and I’m a 23-year-old photographer and style blogger living in New York City.

How would you define your style?

Edgy with classic pieces, with a touch of retro glam and vintage charm.

How did you choose the name of your blog?

Grease & Glamour represents the two sides of my style, personality, NYC and fashion. It is a mix of high’s and low’s, black and white – it is the juxtaposition that makes us so interesting.

I thought it was a cool way to represent my personality and my personal style.

What was the best comment you ever received from a reader?

“You inspired me to try….” – anyone who says that I give them an idea to take something and run with it – that’s what makes me smile and keep blogging. :)

Who/what inspires you?

Anyone who has overcome hardship to achieve success.

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

My handmade leather biker jacket and my Burberry Prorsum Trenchcoat

What is your top fashion tip?

Wear clothes that FIT. Not too small, not too oversized. Oh, and SMILE. It’s the best accessory.

What advice do you have for new bloggers or people considering starting a blog?

Find your niche and be a perfectionist.

What importance do social networks have for you?

They’re extremely important because they make me accessible and my readers accessible. It’s all about being able to communicate with each other.

Your first thought in the morning?

What time is it?

What is your favourite thing to do when not blogging?

Eat and take photographs of other subjects.

For you, what is the world’s most fashionable city?

I get mixes of fashion influence from many different cities all around the world but my absolute favorite has to be Paris. It’s so chic, classic with a touch of edge.

I can automatically tell when someone is from Paris because they always look so polished.

How would you describe fashion in the city where you live?

I live in New York, so it’s very multi-faceted. People who live here are from all around the world, but there is one thing in common – the color black. There is an edgy, almost grungy feel to fashion in NYC.

What message do you hope to send to your readers?

I hope to inspire them to follow their dreams, experiment with the unexpected, and express oneself in a positive and creative way!

Do you find Jinna’s style inspiring? Let us know in the comments!
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