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Revolutionary and controversial   Yves Saint Laurent

Revolutionary and controversial Yves Saint Laurent

The fashion's icon lives in Jalil Lespert’s movie28 abril 2014

A tribute to one of the most revolutionary and controversial icons of the fashion of all times: Yves Saint Laurent, the stylist’s genius lives in Jalil Lespert’s movie.

The movie tells the story of the man behind the griffe, a man gifted with unmistakable gestures, a refined man, but also a man characterised by a thousand anxieties.

What he bequeathed us is his revolution in the world of fashion: he was the first to understand, back in the Sixties, that haute-couture could draw inspiration from the street and stop being an auto-referential reality, a closed world with no relationships with external reality.

He made a deep impression with his 1958 collection, through which he made his debut offering a bold and irreverent silhouette, absolutely politically incorrect for the conformism of that epoch’s design.

He was the one who first thought to use dresses traditionally employed by males in women’s collections. He was the first to develop a great passion for the art that bursts into the world of fashion, and he also enriched his collections of ethnic and folkloristic inspirations.

After he passed away in 2008, Yves Saint Laurent’s collection retains today the elegant and innovative style of its founder.

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