Frequently Asked Questions


When an item will be available again?

We can not say for sure when and if an item will be available again. The availability of an item depends on the manufacturer brands.

If you want to be noticed when an item of your interest is available again, we suggest you follow these simple instructions:
• go to the item page
• if the items is “Not available”, click on “Email me when available again” and enter your data

We will send you a communication by email when the item will be available again.

If the the size or the color you want is not available: click on the size and/or color you prefer and then click on the box “Email me when available” and enter your data.

We will send you a communication by email when the size and/or color will be available again.

We invite you to sign up for our newsletter to keep updated about our available items and to receive the promotions dedicated to our clients.

Can I change my order?

It is possible to change your order before the courier handles it. To do it, you need to request the change directly from the page “My orders”.

We remind you that in the box “Message” you have to enter the GIGLIO code of the item you want to receive (available in the product page), the size and the color you want.

When the status of the order changes in “shipped” - it is not possible to make any changes.

Are your items original?

The items purchasable at are all originals since GIGLIO and its partners are official retailers of the brands on sale and in direct contact with the most prestigious Italian and international fashion companies.

Can I reserve the items?

It is not possible to reserve or book any item.

Are the discount codes cumulative?

The discount codes are not cumulative.

Can I change the shipping address?

You can change the shipping address just in case of bank transfer or cash on delivery payment.
If you choose alternative payment methods, you will be able to make just minor changes (e.g. house number or postal code): in these cases we recommend you contact our customer care.


What courier I have to choose to ship my return?

If you want to return your order, you may choose the courier you prefer. REMEMBER: the cost of this shipping is charged to the client.

If you want to return your order autonomously, you can choose the courier you prefer; in this case, the shipping cost and the responsibility of this shipping is charged to the client. Otherwise, you can choose the Easy Return service that includes the home pick-up managed by For the orders in Italy, the Easy Return service is free.
Read all the details about the conditions on returns and refunds.

My order provides for shipping costs. In case of return, will I be refunded of shipping costs?

The refund will be equal to the total of the purchased items – excluded any shipping costs. The refund will be managed by using the same payment method of your purchase. In case of cash on delivery payment, the refund will be managed by bank transfer - and you will be asked to communicate your IBAN.

Read the cases where return and refund will not be possible.

When my refund arrives?

The refund will be managed within 6/8 working days. The refund will be processed by using the same payment method you chose for you purchase.

The display time and the refund accreditation on your account depend on your bank.

In case of cash on delivery payment, the refund will be managed by bank transfer.

The refund will be confirmed after the verification of the status of the items.
Read all the details about the return conditions.

Why my return is stuck in customs in Italy?

Due to the custom inspections, it may happen that some boxes addressed to GIGLIO.COM are temporarily stuck in customs, for a variable time period.

The reasons and the timing are out of our control, and for this reason we are not able to forsee the times of clearance.

We ensure that we will update you promptly about any new information in our possession.

How to use the store credit?

If you have a credit, after you add an item in your cart, the system will show you the total of the order applying automatically your credit. If the amount of your order is lower than your credit, you will be able to use you credit for your future purchases.

You can enjoy your credit for any other purchase at and it will never expire. You will always find your updated credit in your profile page.

Can I replace an item?

It is not possible to replace a purchased item. You have to make a return (free in Italy) and purchase a new item.
Read all the details about the return procedures.

Is the return free?

The return is free for all the orders shipped to Italy. The shipping costs are charged to the client for all the orders outside Italy.
Read all the details about return procedures.

Is my return arrived?

You can check the status of your shipping by using the tracking number that you will receive by email. For further information, you can contact our customer care. If you want to make your return autonomously, you have to contact the courier you chose for the return.

In both cases, when a return is approved, in the page “My Returns”, in your personal account, you will find the updated status “approved”.

How to make a return?

Making a return at is very easy!

1. Log in to your private area and click on “My orders”;
2. select the order that contains the item/s you want to return and click on “I want to return one or more items”;
3. select just the item/s you want to return and choose how you want to receive the refund; you can choose to receive a credit to use at (it will never expire and you will be able to use it at any moment) or choose a cash refund.

The return in Italy is free. You just have to confirm (or change) the pickup address and arrange your pickup. The courier will pick up your box within 2 working days and will provide you the waybill (you do not need to print any document!). In case you are not available, you can make a new request to arrange your pickup.

The return outside Italy is not free, but you have two options
You have the possibility to choose the Easy Return service or the Return arranged by the client.

the easy return includes the home collection arranged by The cost of the service depends on your country and varies between EUR 12 and EUR 60 (the exact amount will be displayed before the return confirmation);
the return arranged by the client allows you to choose the express courier you prefer. The costs are at the client expenses and depend on the service chosen by the client.

Read all the details about how to make a return.


Why my item has not yet been shipped?

In some periods of the year, because of big traffic of the orders, the order processing may delay up to 6/7 days.

In rare cases, if an item is in one of our dislocated warehouses, the shipping time may be delayed.

In all these cases, we ensure our assistance for any doubt or need.

When does my order leave?

The orders conducted from Monday to Friday are processed within 72 working hours from the moment you make your order. In case of an item is available just in one of our dislocated warehouses, the shipping time may be delayed - because the item will be shipped to our headquarter to be controlled and prepared for the shipping.

As soon as the courier picks up your box, you will receive the tracking number by email, in order to monitor the status of the shipping 24/24H (you will receive instructions by email).

Extra EU: Have I to pay customs duties?

The shipping can be DDP or DDU according to the destination of the order.
DDU Shipping: Extra EU countries are not subject to the payment of IVA/VAT on the price charged, but they are subject to the payment of any local import tax and/or clearance. For shipments to the USA and Australia you do not need to pay customs duties.

Italy (including the Republic of San Marino and Vatican City)


Extra EU: there are extra shipping costs although my purchase is over EUR 500. Why?

Shipments for orders over EUR 500 are always free. If your order contains shoes, remember that: for orders whose amount is over EUR 500,00 – and contains more than two pairs of shoes – it is required an additional cost of EUR 25,00 for each pair of shoes, starting from the third pair of shoes purchased. I

f you have any questions about international shipments, please contact us.

Why my order is “not confirmed”?

There two possible options:

1. If you chose the cash on delivery payment: just for the first cash on delivery payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS (free), to the number entered at the moment of your purchase, with link or a confirmation code to click on. The order will be processed just after the confirmation to the SMS. We do it to be sure to ship to the right client.

2. If you chose to pay with bank transfer: for purchases made by bank transfer, you have to send an email to with the TRN (transaction reference number) or a bank transfer copy attached. The order will be processed after receiving the email with the TRN or the copy of the bank transfer.

Can I schedule the data and time of the delivery of the order?

Yes, you can do it by directly contacting the courier responsible for your delivery:

UPS – Delivery options: click here UPS Customer service: 02 30 30 30 39

DHL – Delivery options: clicca qui DHL Customer service: 199 199 345

What courier you use to ship your orders?

The main couriers we use for shipments are UPS and DHL. In some geographical areas or for reasons of force majeure, the same couriers could ship by using other carriers.

You can always rely on for any doubt.

Why I can not select the “cash on delivery” payment method?

If you have already used the “cash on delivery” payment refusing the delivery, this payment method will not be available anymore. However, you can choose one of the many alternative payment methods at

How do I follow my order?

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive the tracking number by email - to enter on the courier website - in order to be updated 24/24H.
The same code will be available also in the order details in the section “My orders” in your private area.

Why I can not select the “express shipping”?

In order to ensure you the best shopping experience, for logistic reasons the express shipping is not available for some items. For this reason, some items are available just with the standard shipping.

Must I reach a minimum amount to purchase at GIGLIO.COM?

The minimum order value to shop at GIGLIO.COM is 30€. 0 0