This is how Piazza Crispi looked like back in the early years of twentieth century.
The photograph on the left is a wonderful original document of that period that shows the splendid Liberty style villas on viale della Libertà. On the left there is the Palazzo which now houses our GIGLIO IN store. The building has survived unaltered up to the present day thanks to several restoration carried out, many times, by our firm.

Talking about GIGLIO IN shop, on the left there is an extraordinary document: the original handwritten receipt of the maestro Carlo Scarpa who realized the first architectural layout of the store.
The first layout of our company logo of 1965.
The logo was created by the graphic designer Franco Giacometti who was one of the most highly regarded professionals at that time. He collaborated with important brand of the Italian industry like Benetton and Aprilia Motorcycle.
Today, after 40 years, our logo is so extraordinarily contemporary that it has been subjected just to small restyling over the years.

Another document of our record: this is the original receipt of the first collection designed by Maestro Gianni Versace.
Versace started his long and successful career as a Genny’s designer.
Our company has appreciated the huge potential and the big creativity of this young designer since his first fashion show.
We formed a great collaboration Maestro Gianni Versace that has lasted his entire career and it still continues with his sister Donatella who has inherited the creative direction of the brand with great ability.
On the right there is the document that marked the collaboration with Fiorucci which was a popular label among Italian teenagers' fashion, between the 70s and the 80s.
Fiorucci was for many years after on sale at the GIGLIO IN store together with all the up-and-coming international designer of fashion and accessories like Mary Quant, Biba, Kenzo, etc.

Other two documents from our records are: on the left there is one of the first receipt of Christian Dior that is dated 1973 and arrived from the historic headquarter of Avenue Montaigne in Paris.
It testify the very long collaboration which has united the French Maison and our firm that today is still the exclusive retailer of Dior label for apparel and sophisticated accessories.
Giglio Boutique Donna is one of the few multi-labels stores in the world that can offer Dior accessories to their customers.
On the right there is a receipt of the historic French brand Pierre Cardin, we have had a very good business relations with, until this label started a decadence period that never got over again.

The photographs below portray Giuseppe Giglio and his son Michele inside the historic shop in Via Ponticello, in the heart of the old town centre.

It was in the 60s-65s

The first one of the labels that were applied onto the hand-tailored garments was realized with the fabrics on sale at the ancient shop.

Another extraordinary document is: a planning permission that was accorded for the first real renovation of the old shop.
The authorization (right photo) is rubber-stamped on the back of the photograph that was used for the application (left photo).
The permission of the building committee is dated April 4th, 1956. 0 0
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