A reputation that is based on a long tradition: the story of the Gucci brand, now known and desired all over the world. Founder of the fashion house, the Italian Guccio Gucci that opened in Florence in the early '20s a series of small shops specializing in leather goods, luggage and riding (world which continue to inspire the brand).
In 1938 he founded the first boutique in Rome, in the famous Condotti Road, broadening the horizons of production to different materials other than leather like hemp, jute, flax and bamboo.

The expansion to the rest of the world arrives in the '60s during which the Gucci brand reach Asia by opening boutiques in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Tom Ford marks its entry into the fashion house, as creative director of women wear line in 1990 to quickly become responsible for the entire production. Today Frida Giannini runs the fashion house.

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