Every collection of Hogan shoes for men, women, and kids is characterised by a modern and essential design infused with valuable leathers and materials, and with the iconic logo wich signs every shoe on the outer side. Hogan Interactive sneakers, a real cult since 1997, have always been the flagship of the Italian brand thanks to the irresistible design, and for the in-depth-studies of the foot anatomy which have spawned high comfort footwear, studied to foster a proper posture.

In addition to the most iconic models Interactive, Hogan also created Olympia, Running, Rebel sneakers, refined heels and boots, loafers and sandals to meet the needs of all the lovers of luxe and comfort. The countless renditions available, not only for what concerns colors and materials but also for the sophisticated details, especially when referring to the women's models, make them the perfect footwear to get a classy and elegant look at the same time.

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