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50's inspired fashion  Pin-up style

50's inspired fashion Pin-up style

The pin-up look for a bubbly and retrò style fifties-inspired23 January 2015

If you wish to dare by showing off a new and bubbly look, the Pin-up style is perfect for you!

The Pin-up style, bubbly and retrò, recalls the tipical 50’s femenine sensuality and emphasizes your silhouette: tight waist and wide sweetheart necklines.

Bright colours as yellow, red and blue and all kind of prints like stripes, polka dots and vichy squares.

Here's what you need (that is our fashion tips) for a perfect pin-up look:

1) A wide pleated skirt (you can increase ita volume adding a petticoat) like this polka dot printed high-waisted skirt by Pinko;
2) Sweetheart necklines like these ones of this pencil dress or of this top both by Moschino Love;
3) High-waisted shorts such as this polka dots printed high-waisted shorts by Pinko, perfect for a marinière-inspired pin-up look;
4) A cardigan, in pastel shades like this short cardigan signed by Pinko or this short black cardigan with a red bow by Moschino Love;
5) Capri pants preferably high-waisted such as this capri pants without pockets by Moschino Love or this polka dots printed capri pants by Manila Grace Denim;
6) A high-waisted curve-hugging pencil skirt like this high-waisted pencil skirt by Moschino Love;
7) A shirt (even a male shirt!) to wear with rolled up sleeves like this man squared shirt by Mauro Grifoni or to wear inside the high-waisted skirt or pant like this polka dot silk shirt by Patrizia Pepe;
8) Some open-toe shoes with bow like this open toe pantent leather heels signed by Salvatore Ferragamo, also available in blue and powder pink;
9) A pleated dress with fitted waist or a pencil dress like this pencil polka dot printed dress by Ki6;
10) If you want a very rockabilly look you'll need curve-hugging high-waisted trousers as this high-waisted trousers by Moschino and a pencil leather high-waisted skirt like this leather skirt by Moschino Love;

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