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Christian Grey look

Outfit ideas for men, Mr. Grey-inspired!20 February 2018

As you can see, Christian Grey look is flawless in each film.
Could be this the key to his success and charm as a character?
Absolutely yes! Also clothing plays a fundamental role to impress people and says something about us.
That's why it's important to dress well and adequately to the context, casual or formal.

In the middle of a media storm, the films based on the novel of the English writer E.L. James, for better or worse, aroused deep curiosity, even among the most reluctant. After many years from the first film - 50 shades of grey - it is still a much-discussed topic. Moreover, it's coming soon the new film 50 Shades of red, the third and last film of the trilogy with the protagonist Mr. Grey played by Jamie Dornan, and Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson.

You may wonder when the film comes out.
The date at the cinema is expected before Valentine's day, exactly 9 February 2018.
How to dress as Christian Grey?
Waiting for his new looks in 50 shades of red, here are our outfit ideas for men Christian Grey-inspired in the first two films.

1. Formal (Business Attire)

The key piece is the two-piece suit in charcoal grey to wear with a pair of lace-up Oxford shoes. Pay attention to details: form the tie to cufflinks, up to the watch and the belt matched with the shoes.
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2. Elegant

The dark suit is imperative. Tie or bow-tie? The last one is perfect for important and formal occasions, obviously with a tuxedo. If you choose it you must wear a wing collar shirt, otherwise, wear a classic shit with a French or Italian collar.
The difference? Have a look at our style guide about shirt collars for men!

3. Casual

The casual look of Christian Grey is always very refined. Dressing casual doesn't mean dressing superficially with the first pieces that you find in your wardrobe. The essential pieces are undoubtedly nice outerwear and shoes and accessories carefully chosen.
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