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Are you a real fashionista? Here is how to find out it!
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Are you a real fashionista? Here is how to find out it!

22 April 2019

Fashionista or not?
Here is how to discover if you are passionate about fashion, a D.O.C. fashion insider - or just a compulsive big spender! ;-)

Loving fashion or being in fashion is a basic condition, but it is not enough.
A true fashion addicted is outside the lines: she creates and influences fashion.
Fashion is often a mix&match of different styles, inspirations, and insights anything but banal.
And not for nothing, we often see something we expect because some brilliant personalities,
like trendsetters, bring street style fashion to catwalks.


1. Vogue, L'Officiel, and Harper's Bazaar (to name but a few) are your Bible:
the newsagent sends you a message every time they arrive.

2. When you go partying, everybody asks you where did you buy your amazing shoes.
Your outfit is trendy and original, and you don't go unnoticed.

3. You follow on Instagram all the official pages of brands and designers - and you have turned on the notifications
on your smartphone in order to be updated on post and stories.

4. You know well all the latest trends (the past ones as well) to such an extent that you are the personal shopper
of friends, family, and sometimes total strangers.

5. You have almost all of the it-bags of the season!

6. You are able to mix with creativity all the main style rules to be flawless on every occasion.
This is why you impress everyone! However, if a man is flirting with you at a wedding and he is wearing a tuxedo...

(Maybe he should revise the style rules to be a perfect guest!)

7. During a wardrobe clear-out there some pieces and accessories to save: ok, maybe they are out of style now, but what about the next year?

8. In your shoe closet, next to your Valentino Garavani, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Louboutin shoes, there a comfy pair of running shoes for days of a shopping spree!

9. You could be perfect and flawless also wearing a pair of tourist sandals (among the S/S 2019 sandal trends).

10. You are OBVIOUSLY subscribed to our newsletter! :-D

Are you a true fashionista?
Tell us your ace in the hole and your little secrets!

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