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What's the difference between eco leather and synthetic leather?
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What's the difference between eco leather and synthetic leather?

01 May 2017

If you think that the words: eco leather, simil leather, faux leather, vegan leather, synthetic PU leather are all synonyms, actually you are wrong.

We are going to clarify it.

The synthetic or simil leather is an industrial-derived material.
It can be a synthetic product or a fabric coated with a synthetic or plastic material as the polyurethane (this is the case of the synthetic PU leather denomination).
The trim are many and they are imprinted in order to imitate perfectly - both in appearance and touch - the genuine leather characteristics.
It is waterproof and requires less care and maintenance: it is strong and easy to clean.

The eco leather characteristics?

Eco leather is the green answer to the important need to protect the planet and its resources using an animal origin (by)product.
Actually, eco leather is a genuine leather but the tanning process is "vegetal", following protocols that have a reduced environmental impact to protect workers and consumers.

Why all this confusion?

The answer is historical and dates from the origin of the word eco leather: actually the neologism was created to define a product similar to genuine leather but with synthetic origin.
Only after, the word has taken on the meaning we have just talked about.

How to distinguish synthetic leather from eco leather?

Trust the labels.
There is no a particular composition of eco leather: it is for all intents and purposes 100% genuine leather or hide, the only difference being that the production activities linked to manufacturing processes, from seasoning to tannin (a vegetal chemical substances which is in many trees and plants), to dyeing, to disposal, they are made by minimising the environmental impact.
It is a delicate leather but with unique characteristics that justifiy the high price in favor of a product of excellent quality.
The manufacturing processes are longer but they give to leather a unique appearance: the leather, over time, takes an "experienced" aspect but not worn. It could even become darker with sun or rain exposure.
Its appeal is precisely that: our piece or accessory tells a story.

When it comes to simil leather characteristics you will find denominations referring to synthetic products on the label. You could also find the term "coating" and in this case it concerns fabrics - from cotton to linen to synthetic fabrics - on which a polyurethane resin is coated with different finishings, from the textured leather to the much-loved saffiano in cruelty-free version!
Have you heard about the sky faux leather maybe? Well, it is about the last example.

Not to take anything away from genuine leather products: the synthetic leather is a high performance and standard product and many companies, in this case as well, use manufacturing techniques that reduce environmental impact to offer a more and more eco-friendly fashion to the final consumer.

Now you know the difference between eco leather or synthetic leather, the choice is yours!

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