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Giorgio Armani tailleur

13 January 2014

The women's suit is a timeless item that is elegant and sober, it is usually composed by a blazer and a skirt or trousers. The women's suit has been created in the middle of '800 by John Redfern, an English dressmaker, for the Princess of Galles. It is a renew of the normal men's suit and over the years has been modified adapting the model to the feminine shape. With the passing of time it became a traditional item in fashion, suitable for formal or informal occasions.

Over the years its model has been renewed following the trends of ages.

Giorgio Armani is one of the designers that makes the woman's suit an essential piece of his collections. Since 70s he had reinvented it many times, proposing unstructured blazers with very elegant models that exalt the femininity.Fall winter 2010/11 fashion offers in the Giorgio Armani collection three models of woman's suit that are perfect for both cocktail parties and working days. Woman's suits are composed by blazers and trousers in basic colours like grey and black, or pin stripe patterned.

All of them are made by Charmeuse, a bright silk perfect for blazers and soft suits.

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