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What to wear on New Year's Eve - Men
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What to wear on New Year's Eve - Men

Here are our male outfits for New Year's Eve!18 December 2019

What to wear on New Year's Eve for Men?
"What should I wear?", is not only a feminine topic.
Many men between the age of 20 and 50, are asking style tips about what to wear to be perfect on New Year's Eve.
Here is for you, after our Christmas style guide for men, a new guide about New Year's outfit for men.

Men's looks for New Year's Eve can be casual or formal: for this reason, we are proposing many different outfits perfect for any occasion.

New Year's outfit men: home comfy and casual party

If you will celebrate New Year's Eve with a special dinner at home with friends and family, choose a nice jacket matched with something red (it is supposed to bring good luck!) with a pair of shoes (not too sporty). This casual but refined outfit will be perfect also for a traditional family meal.
If you want to know more about it, discover all the unmissable pieces in men's wardrobe!

New Year's outfit men: formal attire party

The formal look for men (bot not office look!) is composed by a dark suit to match with a pair of lace-up oxford shoes or, in case of big events, for example, a gala dinner, men should wear a tuxedo or a tailcoat in the case of the dress code is Black Tie in the first case or White Tie in the second one.
Take inspiration from Christian Grey's look!

New Year's outfit men: disco party

What to wear for a party at the disco?
If you will celebrate New Year's Eve at a fashion club in the name of fun, avoid wearing too refined dresses, and opt for easy-going outfits: a suit separate will be perfect for the occasion, suitable for the location but always elegant.

New Year's outfit men: on the mountains

If you will celebrate New Year's Eve in the city or on the mountains (maybe with your partner in a romantic chalet), choose comfy and above all warm pieces that will allow you to dress in layers.
Here is an outfit that could be perfect for you!

Still doubts?
Get inspired by our edit of perfect pieces and accessories to toast to the New Year in great style!

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