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How unisex fashion will revolutionize our wardrobe
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How unisex fashion will revolutionize our wardrobe

Genderless, normcore or minimal fashion?29 March 2017

Normcore style, the new trend?
We are really wondering it.

At first the non-trend par excellence made its way with great success among the style icons out of the spotlight, to later become a fashion topic.

Basic(ally) cool : a few key pieces worn with Parisian nonchalance. A classic t-shirt, an oversize sweater, an high-waisted trousers or jeans, slipper sabots, a shirt that seems stolen from his wardrobe and a deconstructed camel colour coat to strictly wear on your shoulders.
Not exactly a minimal chic style, but rather a unisex streetwear, or better an amazing genderless style.
Classy but easy without efforts.

Mademoiselle Chanel taught that elegance is sobriety exhorting to "take off" instead of "add", when less becomes better,. Her lesson will revolutionize the way you dress or even the way you think.

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