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Meet the Fashion Bloggers Geeks nd Fashion

22 January 2014

To celebrate the many fabulous fashion bloggers, in this series, we will be interviewing some of our favorites and finding inspiration in their styles, today we are meeting Julia of Geeks nd Fashion.
Julia, tell us a little bit about yourself (who you are/what you do/where you’re from, etc.).
I am Julia, a 25 year old girl born in Tanzania, raised in Germany, with many dreams and lots of passion.
In 2010 I used to live in New York and now I am living in London for good. I am a all life lover but
what gives me the most freedom is fashion. That’s my world. There is nothing which I love more than to
work with different fabrics, get inspired by literally everything to create new looks, inspire others like
my readers and to meet new interesting people at fashion weeks all around the world. It’s still a long step
to where I see myself at some point but I think I am on a good way.

How would you define your style?
This question always makes me wondering what to say. I think it’s easier for other people
to describe my style. I think it’s a mix of lots of different influences.
I am obsessed with the indian cultur, feathers and navajo prints are included in a lot of my outfits.
But at the very moment, I really like to create looks which are very minimalstic.
I love everything from Celine which really inspires my looks A LOT, at the very moment.

How did you find your sense of style?
Haaa I think we should ask my mom at this point. I remember back in kindergarden I asked her
to sue me silk dresses because I wanted to look like a princess. It’s funny but I was ALWAYS interested
in fashion, even as a child. But I think it needs time for everyone to find your personal style.
I did a lot of experiments with my looks :-) Now, I know exactly what I can wear, what suits me and what doesn’t.

What inspired you to start a style blog? What motivates you to keep blogging?
I remember 2 years ago, my bestfriend Julia from Germany told me about a blog (which is probably one of the most famous one by now) called theblondesalad and the idea caught me from the first moment. Two months later, I started my own blog with no idea how to do it or where to get my readers from. And 15 months later, I already have been to some Fashion Weeks and have lots of great feedback which I am so grateful for and I cannot say thank you, often enough. To run a blog day by day is hard work, especially when you do have a fulltime job, as well.
But I think my passion and the fact that I love what I do soo much gives me the drive to carry on.
And of course the people who support me in such an amazing way. I really feel blessed about that.

How did you choose the name of your blog?
Haa that’s a tricky question. I mean, I wanted to have the name that includes fashion and since you have to do a lot of network to run a successful blog, you need to spend a lot of time infront of your laptop. People used to call those people nerds or geeks and I thoughts it’s quite sarcastic and funny. So geeksndfashion was born… :-)

What was the best comment you ever received from a reader?
Ahhww there are sooo many. Whenever I check my comments, it puts such a big smile on my face
because even to take your time to write a comment, is already more than great.
I think once, when one of my readers wrote me that she saw me in New York on the street but was too shy
to say “hi”. This really hit me because it was the point when people started to recognize me on the street
which is unbelievable.

Who/what inspires you?
Like my blog banner is saying “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?
My favorite pieces is my Balenciaga bracelet which I bought last year in New York.
My Marni Coat which I was wearing at the first day of London Fashion Week
and an oversize Camel Coat from H&M Trend.

What is your top fashion tip?
Never wear something just because it is a trend. Always wear something you feel comfortable in and which let you shine because people will recognize this even more.

What advice do you have for new bloggers or people considering starting a blog?
Work hard. Motivate yourself day by day and be passionted about what you do.
And ALWAYS believe in yourself.

What importance do social networks have for you?
To talk frankly, social networks became a huge part in my life.
First because of my blog, secong because I have many friends ALL OVER THE WORLD and it makes
it very easy to stay in touch.

Your first thought in the morning?
I hope the sun is shinning and I need a coffee hahah :-)

What is your favourite thing to do when not blogging?
Spending time with people I love. That’s by way the best thing in the world.

For you, what is the world’s most fashionable city?
No doubt, NEW YORK. The time I used to live there was the BEST in my whole life and
this city, the city which never sleeps made me become the person I am, today.
You can find every single style which you can just imagen over there.
Especially at Soho and East Village, which are my favorite areas in NYC.
And people are so so open minded when it comes to fashion which I really miss in other cities.
Ahhh I miss NYC… :-)

How would you describe fashion in the city where you live?
Fashion in London is very different to any city I have been living before.
London has kind of their own fashion cultur. It’s very indie rock and british rock inspired.
Which is not really my cup of tea but I am open minded and I can say that London is
a fashionable city, a city which inspires me.

What message do you hope to send to your readers?
A HUGE THANK YOU!! Thank you for your major support and all those lovely comments
and that you are there to check my blog every single day. I hope, I do inspire you somehow
and I really want to bolster each and all of you guys to believe in yourself. To fight for your dreams
and what you love. Focuse on your passion and be open minded. Thanks for reading my interview :-)
Lots of Love Julia / geeksndfashion

Do you find Julia’s style inspiring? Let us know in the comments!



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