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New Year's Eve outfits for women: fashion tips
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New Year's Eve outfits for women: fashion tips

Get inspired by our outfit ideas for New Year's Eve 2019!17 December 2018

What to wear on New Year's Eve to be unforgettable?
Imagine being on 31 December at a beautiful party in an exclusive location, with a flûte in your hand and the boy you like by your side.
The countdown has started! 5...4...3...2... you are ready to celebrate the New Year and everyone is looking at you. Why?
Because your New Year look is original, elegant and makes you look simply astonishing.

How great would it be?
You have already hit the mark with your perfect Christmas look but now it's time to leave everyone breathless.
Are you looking for where to shop New Year's Eve dresses that are original and fashion to celebrate in great style the Saint Sylvester's day?
Well, if you don't know how to dress the last night of the year to be shiny, with our style tips you will be the queen of the party.
Actually, we are ready to reveal our secrets in order to not go unnoticed at the most important party of the month!
Let us proceed step by step, here the first one!

Dare with those details that will make you "shine" for the entire party (especially at the disco!).
Sequins, rhinestones and lamé fabrics - among the Autumn/Winter 2019 trends also for bags -are never too much if you wear them with style.

Long or short dresses, skirt or pants?
It depends on the situation.
A tonight's gala will undoubtedly require a formal dress code and an elegant long dress will be perfect for the occasion.
Actually, for a night with friends feel free to wear mini or midi dresses, but keep in mind that the night could continue after the dinner until the first light and you will need to feel comfy to be perky and lively. The perfect colours? Red, golden, black and silver!
Here our selection: 10 women's dresses for New Year's Eve to be flawless!

Our second tip is: don't leave out a bit of practicality, it is the key to success to be breezy!
Together with low-heeled shoes, mini clutch with a strap will be your perfect ally if you will keep early hours dancing.
Here 7 practical bags to complete your outfit!

The third tip is to wear a unique accessory or detail to bring with you as a lucky charm for the New Year. Here some accessories that will make unique your New Year's Eve look.

Are your already watching the calendar waiting for your super glamour party?
We already know it! However, we have some tips also for those who will celebrate the New Year at home, in an intimate atmosphere, with your partner or with family.
Here the New Year's Eve look for women that could be perfect for you!
Whereas, if you will spend this magical night in the city or abroad and you don't know how to dress, here are our style guides about what to wear in New York, London, Paris and in the mountains such as Cortina!

We are sure that this New Year's Day will be unforgettable, and you?

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