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Spring Summer Women's Trends 2020

Spring Summer Women's Trends 2020

20 January 2020

The Spring Summer Women's Trends 2020 for women have been the topic of many considerations, as also the last seasons’ trends. Since ever a matter of great interest, now more than ever it cannot be treated without also taking into account all the insights coming from the street style in a broad sense, which are frequently translated from the creative view of fashion designers through the new collections.

In addition to the women's fashion Spring Summer 2020, emerged from the most popular Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, London, and New York, introducing on the runway an international preview of the style we will get inspired by, it would be fairer to also introduce the wider context of megatrends which they refer to, as a part of a temporal wide-ranging socio-cultural component, and the more limited but also definitely ephemeral one of microtrends, which wither away after just one season. Behind every fashion show, there is the work of so many professionals deciding “how to dress” and “what to wear” during a precise season on the base of several elements.

  1. Traveler

    For example, isn’t this dominant boho style, for a few seasons now a trend and that expresses itself on seventies suggestions, folk contaminations, a lot of suede, Indios fringes, tie-dyes, and must-have micro bags as jewels, the reflection of a wider wish of peace and freedom, which finds its strength and expression on social networks through travel bloggers and globetrotter around the world?
  2. Wildness

    Among the major fashion trends of the season, we must mention the animalier which, alongside with all over tropical foliage patterns and saharian couture, keep on paying homage to the great exotic charm: how could we forget the triumphant debut of queen JLo at Versace’s parade, once again in the iconic and unforgettable Jungle Dress?
  3. Amarcord

    Last but not least. This is the important shoulders Summer: dresses and blazers with straps and oversized puff sleeves. Pois, pumps; and round tip sandals (among the must-have shoes of this season), midi denim skirts but rigorously high waisted and off-the-shoulder items.
  4. Wellness

    Still a very ongoing megatrend that puts the light on the sphere of wellness not to be meant as the perfect shape of the body – like in the 80s with the fitness, aerobics and bodybuilding boom – but most of all as a lifestyle that aims to the perfect balance between the body and the mind as essential elements for happiness;.
    Mens sana in corpore sano: biological and super-food, all those super natural products with great properties in the spotlight;.
    The research and the awareness regarding what we eat have increased in an exponential return to the roots and to the “homemade” as an added value of that food that is free of any industrial alterations and, above all, can be shared following the danish principles of the hygge savoir vivre.
    This way, staying home – and well – is the new going out since resting the mind and relaxing, either alone or in company, help to send away stress and tensions and to find a deep sense of fulfillment in appreciating small things. Finally, spaces cooperate into a warm, cozy and eco-chic style.

    All these elements, born in reaction to problems, needs, and changes in the society, express themself into fashion with the athleisure style on one hand and with the comfy style and consciousness on the other.
    For example, inside the first one, trends as the biker shorts – seen and wanted on influencers and celebrities like Gigi Hadid – which will make way for bermuda shorts and hot pants this Summer, and as the still in fashion nylon jogger style items and accessories, the rain jackets, the surfer swimsuit (among the hottest 2020 sea fashion trends) and, above all, the all day long sneakers to wear basically at every event.

    On one hand smoothie and ultra vitaminic colors, just like everything "healthy": green, yellow, orange to recharge the mind. To wear as a key piece to give a boost to your outfit.

    On the other hand, calming colors like the classic blue – Trouser color of 2020 – and all sea’s shades, more generally water’s, as an expression of an ancestral need of reconnecting with the universe.
    Still the powder pink, pink of pinks, which this year will be the 1st color among the season’s trendy colors, along with the soft pastels and the natural colors: from the coconut to the hazel, from the sand to the brown sugar.

    For a perfect comfy, or rather, comfy-chic look, smooth, over and relaxed lines items cannot be missed in your wardrobe: baggy trousers with a wide fit and boyfriend shirts.
    This is also the year of the great return of the low waist.
    Then, the eco-chic trend also addresses the Spring Summer 2020 must-have bags with natural materials such as straw and bast.

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