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Office look for men
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Office look for men

25 September 2017

The choice of the perfect office look for men is never obvious.

There are some rules to be followed concerning the formal dress for the office - there are just a few, but to always bear in mind.
If in the theory "the suit doesn't make the man", indeed, in some situations, the impression - especially the first, for example at a job interview - makes the difference.
And this is why our look plays a key role. It must inspire confidence, competence, credibility and authority, and in some cases, it could suggest our position at the workplace.

How should a man dress at the office?

The suit is the key piece for a business wardrobe and during autumn/winter it's better to add an overcoat, best if waterproof in order to protect your suit from rain and wind.

The dress code requires a single-breasted with two or three buttons or a double-breasted, whereas the preferable colours are grey - best if dark - and blue.
If an ancient gentleman style rule said "no brown in town", now brown, if used sparingly, is more and more appreciated in the field of clothing for men at the workplace.
Dark clothes, like blue and charcoal-grey, communicate authority, rigour, determination and credibility. Indeed, you have to avoid black, considered too serious.
Yes to patterns if they are sober and discreet.

If the touch of class consists of matching accessories (watch, belt, bag, tie and handkerchief pocket) and shoes, what really matters is the perfect fit of the suit in order to not neglect details.

Rules to keep in mind and mistakes to avoid?Let's go into details!


If the dress code is international business attire or business formal the unmissable item is the whole jacket/trousers combination.
The choice of the perfect suit needs a particular attention to details and to its wearability to avoid a sloppy aspect.

The essential details concern the suit fit: the suit, whatever the dress code, should always "fit like a glove". There should be no space between the collar and the lapels, and stitchings must never be wider than your shoulders.
Another little trick to be sure about the jacket? The first button in the two-button jacket or the central one in the three-button jacket should coincide with the belly button or just above.

When it comes to the shirt: the Italian collar is more versatile compared to the elegant French one and the colour should be light (discover how to choose the perfect collar for every occasion).
The shirt sleeve cuffs should get out 1 cm of the jacket or a little more if you want to give a touch of class wearing cufflinks: a detail that together with the handkerchief pocket will make the difference if carefully chosen, and of course synonym with good taste.

For the jacket, the dress code requires the single-breasted with two or three buttons or double-breasted (old-fashioned and very demanding, to wear with ease). Remember that if you want to wear a three-piece suit (categorically single-breasted), the last vest button must never be buttoned up.
The lapels: tight for a modern allure and to enhance your figure. They are a classic go-to detail.

Trousers should always have the same colour as the jacket, their hems may arrive just above the shoes to get a modern look or be even longer if you prefer a more traditional style but be careful about stockings: they should be long enough to hide your legs when you take a sit!

When it comes to men's office shoes, a pair of lace-up Oxford shoes are always a stylish option, maybe with English-style perforations to get a more informal result - they must have the same colours as the belt and depends on the colour of the suit.


When we talk about how a man should dress at the workplace, we hear about men's clothing without jackets: in this case, it concerns a business casual outfit, and even if it is a more casual dress code there are some yes and no here too.

Yes to shirts with collars, a classic in a men's wardrobe, to wear also without the tie.
It goes without saying, shirts with too showy patterns are not suitable for a working environment. It is better to opt for shirts with sober patterns or in plain colours to tuck in long pants with a classic cut (never with jeans!), matched with a belt.

V-neck sweaters are perfect to wear with a shirt, indeed the turtleneck one should be worn with a jacket for a chic, intellectual and French allure.

And, speaking of jackets, in the case of a suit separate for the office, we should prefer classic cuts and never sporty ones.

When it comes to shoes, never choose sneakers, sandals or flip-flops. Yes to lace-up and loafers to wear with long stockings in lisle.

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