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How to dress if you are curvy
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How to dress if you are curvy

Style tips to enhance your shapely body29 May 2017

How to dress if you are curvy?

Attention! In this post we don't want to give you tips about how to look slimmer, but here you will find tips about the perfect clothing for shapely women and how to enhance that body defined by the fashion word as "curvy".

If you think about curvy girls you have to know that according to men voluptuous women are the sexiest and the most attractive. The "perfect" body is not - as people wrongly think - the skinny one, but it is the hourglass body: just think about timeless sensuality and beauty icons such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida or Marilyn Monroe.

The strengths of an outfit for curvy girls should aim to enhance hips and breasts trying to create the right proportions through volumes and colours.
Curvy models and celebrities know well how to enhance them to be a real bombshell: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Dita Von Teese, Kate Upton are considered among the sexiest and the most desirable women of the moment.

How to have an hourglass body as a real pin up

If you think that have a perfect body thanks to clothing is impossible you are wrong and we are going to prove it.
Forget inside your wardrobe shapeless and large dresses (one among the fundamental style tips for short and shapely girls) and choose flowing dresses with straight lines that harmonize your curvy body.
To enhance your body avoid colour contrasts and oversize patterns: this is one among the tricks to look taller.
Don't leave out the importance to underline your waistline.
Taking a look in the mirror try to understand if your shoulders are larger than your hips or, on the contrary, tighter.

If your shoulders are larger than your hips and your breasts are prosperous enhance them with V-neck pieces but avoid to create a further volume on the superior part of your body with patches, rouches or long necklaces.
Moreover, if you have rounded shoulders avoid squared line and masculine pieces such as blazers with shoulder pads. Choose softer and a little flared pieces, shirts and dresses with delicate boat or V-neck that underline your breast and waistline. And more, some shirts and peplum tops can underline your waistline emphasizing your hips and by restoring the right proportions. Enhance your thinner legs with pants and a little flared skirts.

If your shoulders are tighter than your hips try to optically enlarge them: if you have small breasts choose shirts and dresses with boat or cowl necklines, or with V-neck but don't forget to always underline your waistline - for example with a belt - and to wear softer pieces on the superior part of your body.

If you have a prosperous breast don't hide it with straight shirts, on the contrary, enhance your neckline with tight pieces below your breasts to accompany your sinuously hips.
Forget the low waist: it is better to underline your waistline with hight or regular waisted pants or skirts.
Regarding pants it is important to avoid flares models or bell bottom pants, the carrot ones that are larger on the superior part and tighter on the inferior one, and finally leggings e jeggings.
If you are tall and curvy, a pair of wide leg pants with straight lines, soft down your legs, will be perfect.
Avoid maxi prints and horizontal lines, choose the straight ones that enhance your figure and have a slimming effect.
Skirts are your sensual and faithful friends: the trapezium model make your waistline tighter, whereas pencil skirts underline your hips and enhance your legs if you have an hourglass body.

And last but not least, heels will be your best allied and they will enhance you giving a unique allure.

If you are curvy and your size is 14 or more don't miss our style tips for plus-sized to be super sexy such as Ashley Graham!

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