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The Luxury Cover for iPhone 6 By  LA MELA

The Luxury Cover for iPhone 6 By LA MELA

18 Kt of pure fashion and technology.28 August 2015

Fashion and Techonoly merge together to create an exclusive and refined accessory.
Any person in possession of the famous apple iPhone would have surely spent hours and hours on internet, and not only, looking for more and more new and original covers, to "dress-up" their device, as it is not merely a phone but a status symbol.
And this is how LA MELA was the first brand which thought to create the preciuous accessory for iPhone6: the 18 Kt gold plated cover, entirely hand made in Italy by the masters of the high goldworking.
The process to cover it with white, yellow or rose gold, realized with care and precision, boasts years and years of tradition.
The cover is available in different models: "Ghiaccio" and "Rocher", the sophisticated "Gomitolo" and "Goccia", the sensual "Cobra", and the intriguing "Lucertola".
The cover is realized with a special alloy (specifically designed for this use) of bronze and silver (nichel/cadmium/lead free).The plating process includes the sealing through a groundbreaking procedure to ensure the maximum yield of the prduct over time.
Some model are enriched with a snap-hook and a leather ribbon to improve the wearability.
It can be considered as a jewel that you can take anywhere.
Not only elegance, but practicality as well: this is what makes unique and precious this accessory with such an exclusive design.
Once again under the refined Italian craftmanship.

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