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Rose Quartz   The Year Colour 2016

Rose Quartz The Year Colour 2016

The Pantone ranking26 January 2016

Light,pale and feminine, the rose quartz is the year colour according to what Pantone declared.

It's the " pink addictet " season, who can show off with passion and romanticism their favourite colour without being too much.

A colour that gives calm and relax but also sweetness and softness, espacially if matched with serenity colour, a light sky blue that recalls the air colours. The strong shade tonality lovers,instead,have to settle a compromise, since we all should keep in mind that following the rose quartz there are stronger colours, just like peach echo (an orange variant),and the buttercup, a bright and warm yellow. Then as always fashion satisfies all with contrast and satsfyising variant.
So, as always, fashion meets the tastes of everyone with satisfying and contrasting variants.

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