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Tie combination?
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Tie combination?

How to choose the right one!28 February 2017

Tie is an unmissable accessory in a basic men's wardrobe. Not only plain colors ties but also with original patterns and tones that are anything but classic. How to choose the right tie? Here some advice and a few mistakes to avoid!


Slim or classic tie?
Slim ties are considered the coolest, at least for now. They are perfect for lean and slender bodies, on the contrary they are not for plump ones. The ideal widht is 8 cm, no more than 9 cm.


Length depends on highness and on torso, however the imperative is: never below the waist!

Colors and patterns

How to match ties with suits, jackets or shirts? Tradition says that tie has to be darker than the shirt and be different from the jacket or the suit. For the day time bright colors are more appropriate, whereas overlapping patterns, that create optical illusion, are banned. As for the rest, the choice is left to the fate: actually, tie says much about men's personalities!


Knot has to be tight but not too much, it should never be too big or too flashy. Elegance lies in the right proportions!

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