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Wedding Day   The groom
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Wedding Day The groom

Formal, Elegant or Fashion.23 June 2014

The choice of the wedding dress for a woman starts months in advance and is one of the most important steps in a wedding.

But the groom suit? Even for him the choice of the dress is a unique moment.

Here are some tips for you to choose the right dress.

Formal | The wedding dress is tight, but to wear it is necessary to follow some rules. The marriage is to be celebrated in the day, before 6 p.m. and the groom can wear a tight only if the bride wears a white dress with a veil and long train, this says etiquette, also, if worn by the groom, it must also wear the male relatives of the groom and the bride.

Elegant | The dark suit, gray, black or blue, is a classic that will suit all brides. Eros Ramazzotti has chosen a dark blue Valentino with white shirt.

Fashion | If your bride will wear a short dress or colored then you can choose to wear a white dress or maybe colored to match your future partner in life.

Don’t forget the bottonhole (or boutonnière), given by the witness, a carnation, which means fidelity, from the pastel color or maybe a gardenia. The clock, to hide under the cuff and the cufflinks.

Choose now your wedding dress.

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