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What to wear to work  The Ermanno Scervino's tips

What to wear to work The Ermanno Scervino's tips

Office look29 February 2016

The famous designer Ermanno Scervino was interviewed along with Carla Gozzi - the coach style per excellence - during the "Nessuna è perfetta" (No one is perfect) radio show, dedicated to a female audience, that talks about women, work and how to have fun in the middle of a busy life.

The multitasking phenomenon, defined as the ability of doing several things simultaneously and flawlessly, according to what many specialists asserted, may damage the nervous system. In addition we should also say that we like to look classy and flawless when working since the world does want us to be in this way - as declared by the anchorwoman Maria Latella who also added "women live on daily examples just as the star system full of stylish, slim and well-groomed women".

To the question "what to wear to work" the Ermanno Scervino answer was:

"The most important thing at work are intelligence, savoir-faire and talent, then the slyness is always welcomed, provided that it must be used with extreme elegance. He also added that you mustn't suppress your personality, but conversely those who are able to show it staying faithful to their role are well appreciated.

Ermanno Scervino dressed the Premier Renzi's wife - as well as first lady! - on many occasions so, who better than him can give style tips, perfect also for the more formal events? The dress code in this case changes considerably since she represents not only the Premier's wife, but, as the designer declared, also the wife of all Italians.

The main qualities to look for in a woman? Certainly grace and the abilty to show your value, defining them as that something extra to the aesthetic and behavioural beauty of women.

How to reach this aim?

Wear what fits you better, not what is currently fashionable.

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