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Yves Saint Laurent museums: two destinations for real fashion enthusiasts and not only
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Yves Saint Laurent museums: two destinations for real fashion enthusiasts and not only

08 December 2017

If you love fashion, art, and traveling don’t miss the chance to admire the YSL museums - recently inaugurated - dedicated to the French designer Yves Saint Laurent while visiting two charming cities like Paris and Marrakech.

This project, which fulfills the designer’s biggest wish, was strongly supported by Pierre Bergé, the historical Yves Saint Laurent’s partner and co-founder of the homonymous fashion label, who declared “I spent my whole life helping him in building his success and I want it to last”. The cities hosting the museums weren’t chosen by chance: indeed, they are two destinations extremely significant for the career of the fashion designer. The first, located in the heart of Europe is Paris, the second in Morocco, is Marrakech. Two destinations emblem of two cultures extremely different, the western and eastern one, that now find themselves sharing a common project.

If this journey tickles you, choose the romantic Paris for your first stop. As a fashion enthusiast, you should surely dress like a perfect Parisian to walk down the Avenue Marceau where the Museum dedicated to Saint Laurent is located.

The palace, which had been the historical headquarter of the fashion company for almost thirty years, opened its doors to the public starting from October 3, 2017, to show more than five thousand garments and accessories. The building symbolizing the success of the designer isn’t just a museum but a magical place, the heart of the atelier where Yves himself used to spend most of his time creating those collections that have become the emblem of French fashion.

For your second stop, let yourself be seduced by one of the most evocative and enchanting cities of Morocco, for which the designer had a lighting strike: Marrakech. Thanks to its wonderful colors, it was more and more times an inspiration for his creations up to the point that the designer bought a house near Jardin Majorelle (outside the old city), that is a must among the things to see in Marrakech. Just a stone throw away you will find Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech museum, projected by KO Studio and inaugurated on October 19, 2017.

Every detail was deeply studied to recall the most famous collections by Yves Saint Laurent. Indeed, the particular shape of the building is reminiscent of the bold and sweet lines that characterized the designer’s creations: the smooth and white walls of the entrance evoke the velvet lining of an Haute Couture jacket, whereas the terracotta bricks look like the pattern of a precious fabric. Inside the museum - which is composed by a big auditorium for theatrical and cinematographic events, and a library containing a collection of ancient volumes about story, literature, and Moroccan decorative arts - has many vast and bright spaces to host copious visitors that will make a wonderful journey discovering the works realized by Yves Saint, and which was inspired by this country.

A few days after the opening also the fashion icon Chiara Ferragni (since ever deeply involved with the Maison) visited this fantastic museum reporting in her social channels this magical journey in the red city of Morocco.

If you too want to break the daily routine and make a travel under the sign of culture, art, and fashion, make your suitcase straight away and discover here all the information about the visits to Yves Saint Laurent museum in Paris and Marrakech.

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