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Shipping to Russia

Shipping to Russia is consigned to DHL, or alternatively to EMS.
The choice depends on the reception area since some Russian regions are subject to particular Customs regulations which set a limit of weight and value to the importation of goods, that we list here below:

  • 200€ per shipping, for a maximum amount of € 1000 a month for each entity;
  • 1000€ a month for every shipping, for a maximum weight of 31 kg, for each shipment.

The exceeding of these limits implies the increase of customs duties to up 30% of the total value of the goods.

In the case, the recipient receives in a zone free from restrictions, or he/she does not overcome the above-mentioned limits, and the area is served by the courier, the goods will be dispatched with DHL.

In all other cases, the goods will be shipped with EMS whose shipping timing is estimated between 2/3 weeks.

Note: the use of EMS courier does not exempt from possible customs duty rises, that in any way are imputable to Giglio.com, and any eventual customs clearance cost due to the return of the goods because of the default on the part of the Client will be deducted from the eventual final reimbursement.

For all concerning shipping costs visit the page "Shipping".

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