Important Updates on Our Service


Due to the large amount of orders we are receiving and the current slowing down of our couriers, there may be delays in deliveries of orders.

Our service will continue on a regular basis with the processing of orders and the management of requests from customers.


Dear clients, following the latest developments and measures introduced to face the COVID-19 emergency, we want to give you all the useful information on our service.

First of all, we would like to guarantee you that our customers' and workers' health is our utmost priority.
We thoroughly comply with all the official guidance provided by the World Health Organization (WHO): our premises are constantly sanitized and we made sure to put into place specific social distancing measures in order to ensure the safety of our employees.

Part of our team has been working from home for quite some time now, managing to achieve brilliant results. Our Customer Care is perfectly equipped with all the necessary tools and systems to ensure our best service.

Stay safe and practice self-care.
We will stay close and reach you wherever you may be.

Are shipments carried out regularly?

Yes, we take care of your orders and deliver them worldwide everyday.

Will shipments be delayed?

All deliveries will be carried out regularly, however, some items located in warehouses far away from our headquarter might be subjected to minor delays. We will keep you updated at all times, and you will always be able to contact our Customer Care service by email, chat or telephone.

Can I change the shipping address of my order?

Contact our Customer Care service at the following email we will be happy to help you with your order and to guarantee you an excellent customer experience.

Can I still return my items?

Sure! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will help you arrange a return. To guarantee a good shopping experience, you can now return your items within 15 days from the delivery.

What changed?

We keep on working hard to bring fashion straight to your door and we continue to ship regularly. The only real change has been in our return timeframe, which has now been extended to 15 days in order to make your shopping experience more pleasurable and relaxed. 0 0
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