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How to look taller
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How to look taller

What to wear to look taller? Discover it with us!04 June 2017

Tricks to look taller?

In medio stat virtus”, used to say the Latins. However, a lot of girls would have liked to have a few more centimetres. Here you will find some fashion stratagems to look slender, or better some tips about what to wear to look taller.

1. Solid color pieces: choose monochromatic outfits considering shoes as well. Such as nude pumps - or of the same color of pantyhose - that will help to create a continuity optical effect not breaking the figure but enhancing it. Using similar or identical colors is the golden rule to look thinner - the most important among the style tips for a curvy body, for example.

2. Point out your waistline with thin belts - never wide! - and choose high-waisted pieces. They emphasise your waistline making your lower part of the body look elongated.

3. Mini or maxi lengths: yes to mini dresses and miniskirts if you have a slim body, to show off your legs that will look longer. Yes to maxi lengths for long dresses, long skirts and wide leg pants. No to mid-lengths up to mid-calf, such as capri pants and longuette skirts, however, if you love pencil skirts choose that above the knee and high-waisted ones!

4. Choose mini patterns or vertical lines that are the undisputed allies for those who want to optically gain a few centimetres more.

5. Pay attention to accessories! Concerning bags, better choose mini or midi ones, never maxi or oversize bags if you are short or petite.

6. Point out your neck with V-necklines that draw the attention from the top down - fashion tips for short girls to always keep in mind! - or with a short haircut: but if you can't cut back, the answer is faux bob!

7. Choose fitted items if you are slim. However, wear soft pieces, not tight, that is one among the main tips if you are short and shapely.

8. If until now we have talked about how to look taller without heels, now it's their time.
It's true that heels help you, but not all the time.
Choose pointed heels that enhance your figure and watch out for wedges and chunky heels: the rule is to pay attention to the distance between the heel and the sole, namely the arch of the foot, when there is a platform, if the distance is too much, heels don't give you a slimming effect making your feet appear disproportionate and your body less graceful.
Categorical no to lace up heels and shoes with strings and ankle straps that don't enhance your figure.

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