Italian Online Fashion Store is an Italian online fashion store for women and men who believe in their own choices, buck the trend and love feeling free to go, no matter where.

We stick to tell a story without telling stories: the journey of those who fear the storm but can't do without it, and rather get sick of dead calm. This is the story of those who sleep little and dream a lot.

We know change is an amazing experience, whereas resisting it it's just woe. In our vision of innovation, emancipation, and multiculturalism - inherited by our shops, founded in the 70's in the heart of the Mediterranean - fashion, just like style, is a mental suit more than a physical one. That's why we stick to the latest trends and we pick emerging and groundbreaking luxury clothing brands.

We are official retailers of the most innovative, creative, and iconic foreign and Italian designer clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.

We are laboratory and department, wilfully looking for the perfect thought to wear, and excellence.

And, to the restless like us we say: real dreams happen when your eyes are open!

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